Movie Review: Saving Private Ryan


I don’t know why it took me so many years to get round to watching this movie. No one told me how devastatingly profound it was. I have watched other movies that moved me emotionally, but none like this one. Loss upon loss, totally defying expression. What words cannot convey, Steven Spielberg captured on camera. He succeeded in making me feel like I was there, fighting the war myself, enduring the heartache of the loss of a brotherhood forged in some of life’s most trying circumstances. Men laying down their lives so that others could be free. What a costly sacrifice, what a costly sacrifice!

I cried my heart out; wondered if those who fight in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other wars live through similar situations; understood how life can never be the same again for one who’s been in war. Never. It changes everything.

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  1. ragskanyi says:

    That flick is a classic.


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