Aust-Bats and Karaoke

We went to watch the bats under Congress bridge in downtown Austin come out for their nightly feeding. Here are some bat facts:

  • Without bats, there would, apparently, be no tequila because bats are the primary pollinators of agave plants, from which tequila is produced.
  • The bats in Austin fly in every summer from Mexico (750,000 pregnant females), give birth, teach their kids to fly, and then head back to Mexico at the end of summer (all 1.5 million of them) to get pregnant again (and pollinate agave plants, I suppose). What a life!

To be honest, I found people-watching more fascinating than bat-watching. The bridge was packed with pedestrians and we were seated on a grassy knoll beneath the bridge. An 8-year old boy sported his batman costume, complete with wings unfurling at the touch of a button. Kinda cool, even though I’m not crazy about batman.

Later, we walked down the (in)famous 6th Street, looking for something to eat. Just so you know, fish and chips seems to be a pretty common menu item. I chose to go with a wholesome burrito wrapped in a spinach tortilla.

We were actually walking back to our car so we could head back home when we heard the sound of live music climbing up the walls of a tall building. Turns out it was karaoke night at The Belmont. We slipped in to catch some action and ended up staying for 2 hours. Some singers were terrible, others were tolerable, and then there were the really good ones. We danced and cheered; clapped and laughed. It was hilarious and fun!

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