The Pursuer

In celebration of love, I submitted the following extremely short story (140 words) for the Burning Love Contest at the MikChiks blog. Thought I’d share it with you, too.

Thilo begged for English conversation lessons. Nina consented, little suspecting he was mad for her. It became evident after a month of conversations. Since he wasn’t her type, she kept things formal to spare him the heartbreak.

On a group weekend getaway to the countryside, a friend said, “Rumor has it you two are dating.”

“There’s nothing between us!” Nina quickly pointed out.

“Let’s give them something to talk about,” Thilo said. “Let’s pretend we’re engaged.”

He called her sweetheart, sat next to her at meals, held her hand on snowy walks.

That last morning, Nina felt Thilo’s eyes adoring her across the breakfast table. She sat opposite him, suddenly shy after months of knowing him.

“Honey, don’t hide your eyes from me.”

She looked up at him, lost in the wonder of love, grateful that he’d loved her first.

Image: by Jan

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Dezy says:

    Beautifully told story. In so few words but all we need is there.


  2. musiplays says:

    I just loved it – gave me goosebumps – so sweet.


  3. Beautiful!–so glad you entered it.


  4. minda says:

    Thanks for all the likes and comments! Lisa, it’s amazing that brevity can make a story so sweet; thanks for starting the contest.


  5. Meg says:

    Beautiful! I was left craving for more.


    1. minda says:

      Thanks, Meg! That is the kind of compliment every writer hopes to hear. 🙂


  6. minda says:

    I won a prize for my story. Yay! Check it out here:


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