Travel Diaires: Charleston, SC


Prior to my visit, all I had heard about Charleston  was that it was historic and beautiful. Having also read Scarlett, one of my favorite novels, I was looking forward to seeing this city that Rhett Butler’s mother lived in during the Civil War. It is all historical fiction, of course, but it certainly put Charleston on the map for me.

Driving into the city from the south, I stopped by the Charleston City Marina because it presented a beautiful view from my vantage point high above it on the bridge that spans the Ashley River. A viaduct runs along one side of the river, making it easy for pedestrians and cyclists to navigate that stretch without running into car traffic.

I eventually made my way downtown, found parking and snagged a free map from a travel agent’s office. Once I located the harbor on the map, I walked towards it, enjoying the evening breeze blowing in from the sea. Even though rain had been forecast for that afternoon, the skies weren’t overcast and it wasn’t humid. I was overjoyed to have such great weather for the couple of hours that I spent there.

Even more than Savannah’s, Charleston’s historic buildings captivated me. I walked into the French Quarter and admired the well-preserved architecture. Each building has its own distinct character and is reminiscent of old world western Europe. I also would have liked to spend more time in Charleston, so I’ll be back. I liked it better than Savannah, perhaps because it seems to have a longer history.

If you haven’t been to Charleston, I recommend it for your bucket list. A weekend getaway would probably be sufficient to see most of the city’s attractions. Visit in Spring or Fall to avoid the heat and humidity of summer. They say their winters are mild, so that’s another possibility.

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