Travel Diaries: New England


The states Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut together make up the area known as New England. Driving through Connecticut to get to Massachusetts, I could see why the early settlers decided on New England. The tree-clad landscape uncannily resembles England of old–at least, from what I’ve seen in movies.

Amherst, MA was my first stop. It is a beautiful student town that took all of an hour to walk through. I enjoyed getting a tour of the campus and some of the town from my cousin, who’s lived there long enough to become thoroughly acquainted with it. I was pleasantly surprised when he pointed out that Robert Frost had taught there. Amherst is also Emily Dickinson’s hometown. I suppose that certifies it as the land of poets. If I ever get paid a substantial sum to write, that just may be my destination.

I visited Boston several years ago for a whirlwind afternoon tour. It was great to return to it at a more leisurely pace. I felt the heavy weight of history as we drove through Cambridge Square to see Harvard University. Surprisingly, there’s nothing too grand about it. We also swung by MIT for a quick look, before heading to Quincy Market downtown.

The market is splendid. It is contained in three side-by-side rectangular buildings behind Faneuil Hall. We walked through the middle building, where numerous vendors sold all kinds of food and wares. I snacked on a samosa and some baklava. Cit Hall’s back is right across the street from Faneuil Hall, while a maritime theme graces City Hall’s front lawn. Across the street from the maritime decor is an artsy building that houses various businesses, including the Kinsale Irish Pub & Grill.

New Hampshire
We made a special trip to Nashua, New Hampshire. Sadly, we didn’t have enough time to visit Maine and Vermont, and I drove through only a tiny part of Rhode Island. Nashua is a small, pretty city and the only one in the US that has twice been named “the Best Place to Live in America.” We drove through main street and took pictures at the Nashua River downtown. It’s only an hour’s drive from Boston. Did you know that New Hampshire’s motto is “Live Free or Die?” I’m inspired by it!

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