The Return from Silence


It’s already over a year since I hit the road for my epic poetry-reading trip last year. Unforseeably, it’s taken my writing almost that entire time to recover from the nearly 12,000 miles of driving! I didn’t even finish blogging about the final leg of my trip (coming soon).

Bath and Bed were all I could think of when I finally made it back to Los Angeles. You see, I slept in my car three nights in a row and had no access to a shower while making my way down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco. I’m saving those tales for another day.

I’ve been writing on and off. Terribly. I’ve kept at it, even though I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired. As every writer knows, writing is as much about discipline as it is about inspiration. Much of what I produced this past season is unlikely to see the light of day; it was simply priming for the pump.

At a quarterly poets’ gathering last weekend in Burbank, where my attendance this time was for the express purpose of enjoying others’ work, inspiration finally sidled up to me. The Flow is still really only a trickle presently, but I’m milking it to the last drop. I can’t wait to share some of my new pieces in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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