Why Here Now?

It’s been a little over 5 years since my last post. Sooo much has happened in that time. And all the while I was asking myself: What is my Why? My ikigai?

Forgiveness: What?! Why? How?

After writing my previous post, I started thinking about forgiveness. You’ve probably heard that it is good for you, and that life is too short for unnecessary misery. But what is this forgiveness and how do I do it?


I’m convinced that we aren’t meant to be one-dimensional, finding that one career and sticking to it for life. Let’s leave that to robots. We are much more complex.

A Mindful Year

I am toasting to a year of mindful living, having recently watched the Netflix documentary Minimalism. It reminded me of what I’ve believed for years, even if I live it out imperfectly, in fits and starts: happiness lies in intentional living.

Faith (a contemplation)

FAITH My means have now come to an end It’s time for miracles. Those great confessions I have made Must now be proven true. Unseen things I have leaned upon Now be made manifest.

There Are No Endings

“…there are no endings, only pauses when we look for new beginnings once again.” ~Grace E. Easely These words to a poem I read and memorized years ago always come back to me when I get to the end of something. I think Grace Easely hit upon a genius idea when she realized that every…

Favorite Childhood Memories

A talking parrot in our kindergarten class. No big deal. This was totally normal because we didn’t know any different. We found the parrot there and left him there when we moved on to grade school. Eating black licorice balls in a relative’s home. His was probably the first upscale home I ever set foot…

Courage Over Fear

Some people are born brave; I wasn’t one of those. Every act of courage I have ever engaged in has been calculated and costly. In the end, I’ve always been glad that I chose courage over fear. The British dictionary defines courage as “the power or quality of dealing with or facing danger, fear, pain,…

Before I Die

If you haven’t heard of the Before I Die Wall, the idea started with artist Candy Chang of New Orleans, LA. A close friend of hers had died unexpectedly, prompting her to think about all the things she would regret not doing, if she were to die then. In response, she created a mural that…

When Disappointment Knocks

Everyone knows a thing or two about disappointment. From the infant who doesn’t get his bottle as quickly as he wants it, to the business owner filing for bankruptcy due to a lack of cash flow, everyone has experienced disappointment and will experience it again and again. I have noticed that the more emotionally invested…

Halfway: Taking Stock

I’m halfway done with this writing challenge, having written 9 posts in 16 days, including this one,–about one post every two days. Not bad, considering that I wrote only 2 posts in all of 2014. It’s been an interesting journey, forcing me to come up with topics that I actually want to write about. I’ve…

Writing: Its Joys

I don’t clearly remember when I started writing for the joy of it, but I do remember when I fell in love with words. I was a tiny six, perhaps seven, sitting in the back seat of my Dad’s bright yellow Renault hatchback as he gave my mom and me a ride to school. Mom…