Minda Magero finds expression in multiple creative and analytical outlets, including writing, performance, fine art, music, and entrepreneurship.

She is a lover of words—reading them, writing them, dreaming about them. She published her second collection of poetry, String of Miracles (Aenzzi Press), in August 2016. Her first collection of poetry, The Book of Mysteries (Novum Press LLC, USA), was published in 2008. Her poetry has also been published in the literary journal Kwani? (Kwani Trust, 2012) and in the soon-coming anthology Multiverse: Kenyan Poetry in English Since 2003 (Kwani Trust, TBD).

Her prose includes the essay Memoirs: My Primary School Experience in Africa published in the textbook Cambridge Checkpoint English Book 3 (Hodder Education, 2011-2015), widely used in schools around the world. Her articles have been published on various websites.

Minda experiments here.