Love, love, love, love

To write about love is humbling because, no matter how much we learn about it, aspects of love are still mysterious. Perhaps that’s why love, specifically, romantic love, is one of the most explored topics in literature, art, music and, increasingly, in the social sciences. We dissect it, try to understand it, long to find it, and yearn for it to stay alive when we do. We can’t live without it. Every love story is a snowflake.

Forgiveness: What?! Why? How?

After writing my previous post, I started thinking about forgiveness. You’ve probably heard that it is good for you, and that life is too short for unnecessary misery. But what is this forgiveness and how do I do it?


I’m convinced that we aren’t meant to be one-dimensional, finding that one career and sticking to it for life. Let’s leave that to robots. We are much more complex.

The Return from Silence

It’s already over a year since I hit the road for my epic poetry-reading trip last year. Unforseeably, it’s taken my writing almost that entire time to recover from the nearly 12,000 miles of driving! I didn’t even finish blogging about the final leg of my trip (coming soon). Bath and Bed were all I…