Love in the Time of Cholera


This movie scared me…to think that one can love another human being so much they make loving that person their life’s purpose! As much as I have loved and lost, I’ve always promised myself that I would never keep my love alive for someone who wouldn’t choose me. Never.

Once he chooses another, he seals the fate of our relationship or could’ve-been relationship: it’s over. And moving on is required. I always move on. Florentino, in the movie, couldn’t move on. He pined, he suffered, he put his life on hold…waiting 53 years to have the woman he loved as a youth. I’m sorry, I wouldn’t. So it was that I couldn’t find any joy in this storyline. Instead, I was appalled.

And the lesson I took away from the story was: What not to do.

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  1. rags says:

    LOL! And that is why I refuse to watch the flick. Hope you are doing fine.


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